Meet the duo who make Amazon Go

Gianna Puerini and Dilip Kumar are the executives behind #Amazon’s express checkout convenience store concept. [Read More]

Summary… * Machine-Made

#Amazon earned its e-commerce bona fides more than 20 years ago by reducing the checkout process to a single click.
The company’s new #Amazon Go store, in downtown Seattle, represents a similar revolution.
Shoppers identify themselves (and their #Amazon account) by scanning their phones upon entering.
#Amazon is reportedly planning to open up to six more this year, and the “just walk out” concept has already been cloned in China.
DK: #Amazon has a history of using machine learning and computer vision in its consumer business.

Opinion… * Man-Made

An interview with the duo who redesigned the neighborhood grocery as a cashier-free experience: #Amazon Go. #Trend

Source: Fast Company