5 futuristic Westworld technologies and when they’ll be a reality

Creators of science fiction and fantasy books, films, and TV shows present stories of possible or imaginary worlds – and their presentations can range from the realistic to the fantastical. When we watch Westworld (and viewership is growing, with the season one finale drawing 2.2 million viewers), we look forward 30 years into a potential […] [Read More]

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3D printing synthetic muscle – Possible 20+ years outYou may have never thought seriously about the notion of printing out a human being.
Three-dimensional printed muscle has been produced at Columbia University that tested significantly stronger than human muscle.
The synthetic muscle created by Columbia researchers could lift 1000 times its own weight and had a strain density that was 15 times that of human muscle.
While this muscle may be incredibly strong, it cannot move nearly as quickly as human muscle can.
That may not sound like much until you consider that the average human brain contains about 100 trillion synapses.

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The five key technologies from Westworld (excluding #AI), along with a sense of how close we are to actually having these seemingly “space-age” technologies available in future. #Trend

Source: The Next Web