AI-enabled Guess store helps you create an ensemble

You can try Amazon's Echo Look if you want #AI to offer fashion advice at home. But what if you're at the store, and would rather not hem and haw while you deci… [Read More]

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Each item in the store carries Bluetooth, RFID and motion sensors to automatically display them on the smart mirror.
If you've ever hated carrying a mountain of clothing into the changing room, this might be your dream.
Unfortunately, you'll probably have to plan a short-notice trip to try this for yourself in the near future.
#Guess and #Alibaba are showcasing FashionAI in a concept store on Hong Kong Polytechnic University's campus between now and July 7th.
The demo also ties heavily into #Alibaba's own shopping services (such as Taobao and Tmall), so it'd need significant reworking for many other countries.

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#Guess and #Alibaba give a good sneak peek at how #AI could reduce your clothes shopping time from hours to minutes. #Trend

Source: Engadget