73 Mind-Blowing Implications of a Driverless Future

The implications of autonomous vehicles are vast, complex and difficult to predict. One thing is certain — their impact will be broad and significant. [Read More]

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73 Mind-Blowing Implications of #Driverless Cars and TrucksI originally wrote and published a version of this article in September 2016.
The relationship between pedestrians (and bicycles) and cars and trucks will likely change dramatically.
#Autonomous vehicles in the medium future (10–20 years) may have radically different designs that support carrying significantly more payload.
At the moment, freight delivery may push autonomous vehicle use sooner than people transport.
Note: My original article was inspired by a presentation by Ryan Chin, CEO of Optimus Ridespeak at an MIT event about autonomous vehicles.

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The implications of a #Driverless future are mind-blowing; #Autonomous vehicles will change our lives drastically in the years to come. #Transportation #Trend

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