Amazon could be delivering to the Moon by 2023

At least, as long as Jeff Bezos' other company, Blue Origin, chooses to do business with them instead of a different company on the Moon. [Read More]

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What many people don’t know, is that he also owns Blue Origin, a space engineering company that he quietly dumps a billion dollars into each year.
And he plans on using that company to put people on the Moon within the next five years.
According to reports, the company’s initiative to send a manned flight to the Moon, dubbed the “Blue Moon” project, is moving into the next phase and remains on target for 2023 or sooner.
This isn’t the first time Bezos and his space gang at Blue Origin have talked about putting people on the Moon in this particular time frame.
Well, closer than you can now anyway – Blue Origin is slated to start offering public passenger flights aboard its spacecraft as early as next year.

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Jeff Bezos plans on using Blue Origin to put people on the Moon within the next five years. #Space #Trend

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