Plasma, the mysterious (and powerful) fourth phase of matter

Matter can exist as a solid, liquid or gas, but there’s also plasma – which might be the key to the birth of the Universe [Read More]

Summary… * Machine-Made

#Plasma physics is a rich and diverse field of enquiry, with its own special twist.
This machine, designed by the physicists Andrei Sakharov and Igor Tamm, employed a strong magnetic field to corral hot plasma into the shape of a donut.
In a new field known as ‘space weather’, plasma physics plays a role similar to that of fluid dynamics in terrestrial, atmospheric conditions.
Looking backward, not forward, in space and time, my hope is that plasma physics will offer insights into how stars, galaxies and galaxy clusters first formed.
And if we ever achieve controlled nuclear fusion, plasmas might be something we can no longer live without.

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The promise of controlled thermonuclear #Fusion is motivated by contemporary #Plasma science. #Energy #NuclearFusion #Trend

Source: Aeonmag