Hyperloop speed records, broken down

So far, hyperloop concepts have yet to reach even half the top speeds promised by Elon Musk 5 years ago. [Read More]

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Virgin #Hyperloop OneFive years into the great hyperloop experiment, there's still more hype than hyper-speed.
And after half a decade, the fastest hyperloop pod concepts are running a little faster than one-third of the top speed promised by Musk.
WARR #Hyperloop, a team of German engineering students at the Technical University of Munich, just set a new speed record.
On Sunday, they won SpaceX's 2018 hyperloop pod competition with a top speed of 284 miles per hour (457 kph).
While the winning #Hyperloop pod is only about the size of a child, the Richard Branson-backed Virgin #Hyperloop One says it's tested its own full-scale version of hyperloop at 240 mph (386 kph).

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The #Hyperloop has yet to reach even half the top speeds (promised by Elon Musk over five years ago), but they’re getting closer. #Transportation #Trend

Source: Cnet