Oculus co-founder trashes Magic Leap headset in review, calling it a ‘tragic heap’

It isn’t the most usual situation for a founder to write a review trashing a competitor’s new product, but Oculus co-founder Palmer Luckey has never been the most conventional entrepreneur. Yesterday, Luckey published a review of Magic Leap’s developer kit on his personal blog tit… [Read More]

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My review of Magic Leap ML1.
The Magic Leap One’s controller uses magnetic tracking, a system far different and generally more complex than the optical tracking systems that almost all VR companies, including Oculus, utilize.
Magic Leap CEO Rony Abovitz has spent the last several years raising a lot of money while developing technology in secret and trash-talking existing tech in public.
The most brutal takes are reserved for the ML1’s display tech, which Luckey points out really isn’t any different from what other companies have been looking at.
While the Magic Leap team invented terminology to describe what they have built, Luckey points out that they didn’t solve what they claimed that they would:They call it the “Lightwear”.

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Is #MagicLeap a device that, in the opinion of the Oculus co-founder, made only minor improvements over the three-year-old #HoloLens? #AR #Trend

Source: Techcrunch