Alexa is now available on 20,000 devices

That large number comes courtesy of #Amazon’s press event at IFA in Berlin this week. It’s an impressive jump, given that the company was only boasting around 4,000 the last time it reported a number at the beginning of the year. “Just this year,” exec Daniel Rausch told the crowd, as re… [Read More]

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#Alexa confirmed the number with TechCrunch, noting that #Alexa is on “20k+ devices you can control with #Alexa, from 3500+ brands.”#Amazon’s own devices only make up a small portion of the overall number, of course.
But the company has been making an extremely aggressive push to get the assistant on as many third-party devices as possible.
These days, the list of categories #Alexa access is big and only getting bigger, from phones to thermostats to TVs to cars.
Google, too, has been pushing hard on manufacturers for third-party integration with its own offering — though it’s not hitting #Alexa-type numbers just yet.
In May, the company announced that 5,000 devices supported Assistant, up from 1,500 in January.

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There aren’t that many Echo devices (yet), but #Amazon continues to make an extremely aggressive push to get #Alexa on as many third-party devices as possible. #SmartSpeaker #Trend

Source: Techcrunch