DNA can secure your bitcoin riches

#DNA is the next frontier of data storage. One company is even using #DNA to store cryptocurrency passwords. [Read More]

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He's not the only one — Bhuyan says he's hearing buzz about other start-ups exploring #DNA storage.
Humans have a data problemThe quest to save files in #DNA is one possible solution to a growing data storage problem.
Making #DNA hard for hackers to crackCarverr's formula for translating binary into #DNA is more complicated than our "GATTACA" example, but the core idea is the same.
Life finds a way: Scientists may have uncovered what dinosaur #DNA looked likeCrypto #Security 101: Learn about hot wallets, cold storage and seed phrasesBest #DNA Kits: Learn more about the best #DNA testing products.

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Using synthetic #DNA to store data? This may seem like a crazy idea, but it could become a legitimate alternative as we struggle to find places to store our ever-growing collection of data. #Security #Trend

Source: Cnet