Rise of digital wallets and what they mean for the FinTech industry

Digital wallets are taking the competition to mobile banking apps. Will the banks be too late to the mobile payments party or will they buck up in time? [Read More]

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Mobile banking and digital wallets are at the top of the list.
In this article, we will be looking at digital wallets and the role they play in the #FinTech industry.
QR codesQR codes have become the modern name synonymous with digital wallets and mobile payments.
With the help of better development teams and a set of robust software tools, banks are now preparing to introduce their own digital wallets.
But will they move fast enough to save the mass migration of their customers to digital wallets?

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Th digital wallet apps like #Apple Pay, #Samsung Pay, and #Google Pay are being downloaded and used to a much greater extent than their mobile banking counterparts. #FinTech #Trend

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