What is fog computing? Connecting the cloud to things

#Fog computing extends the concept of cloud computing to the network edge, making it ideal for internet of things (IoT) and other applications that require real-time interactions. [Read More]

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#Fog is another layer of a distributed network environment and is closely associated with cloud computing and the internet of things (IoT).
#Fog computing and 5G mobile computingSome experts believe the expected roll out of 5G mobile connections in 2018 and beyond could create more opportunity for fog computing.
Higher up the stack fog computing architectures would also touch core networks and routers and eventually global cloud services and servers.
Are fog computing and edge computing the same thing?
Helder Antunes, senior director of corporate strategic innovation at Cisco and a member of the OpenFog Consortium, says that edge computing is a component, or a subset of fog computing.

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#Fog Computing: a distributed network that provides the missing link for what data needs to be pushed to the #Cloud, and what can be analyzed locally, at the #Edge. #Architecture #Trend

Source: Network World