Fighting climate change could boost the global economy by $26 trillion

Concerted efforts to stop climate change by 2030 would also create 65 million new jobs and–this part is important–stop 700,000 premature deaths. [Read More]

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For the climate, it’s a critical window to keep the global temperature from rising more than 2 degrees Celsius.
In total, “bold action” on climate could net the world $26 trillion in benefits; that’s a conservative estimate.
But the report outlines how much action needs to accelerate to address climate change.
Companies need to disclose their financial risks from climate change, and all Fortune 500 companies need to set science-based goals to reduce emissions in line with the Paris agreement.
Seventy jurisdictions now have or will soon have carbon pricing in place, representing around 20% of global carbon emissions; a few years ago, only 1% of emissions were covered.

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The benefits of fighting climate change are not limited to improving the environment, but include economic, fiscal, social and development opportunities. #Mankind #Nature #Trend

Source: Fast Company