As Chrome turns 10, Google bets on AI and AR

#Google Chrome turned 10 years old and the company has shared what’s next for the browser: artificial intelligence and augmented reality. [Read More]

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#Google Chrome was first released (as a beta) on September 2, 2008, meaning the browser turned 10 years old on Saturday.
Also today, #Google released Chrome 69 — yes, the browser has been through 69 versions now (a new one is released approximately every six weeks).
#Google has been weaving AI into all its products and services for quite a few years now, and Chrome is about to start getting the same treatment.
With AI, Chrome will also better understand what you’re trying to get done, and help you do so faster.
This is just one example of how more immersive experiences on Chrome could help you get things done faster.

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#Google expects the future to bring a “more immersive browsing experience”; leveraging #AR to bring information that you interact with across the web and put directly into your physical environment. #Trend

Source: Venturebeat