Innovation Can Make Or Break Employee Retention

As we all work to ignite innovation across our organizations, the success or failure of our strategies will ultimately hinge on one thing: our people. [Read More]

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Would you leave your current position for a similar role at an organization you thought was an innovation leader?
We at EY surveyed more than 1,000 professionals across the U.S. to gauge their sentiments on innovation.
But, while many see innovation changing the outside world, they don’t believe it’s changing their jobs.
Senior executives need to recognize that entry-level employees can play a major role in driving innovation, bringing new skills and ideas to the table.
What’s more, innovation is a broad concept, making it difficult to define what you’re looking for from employees.

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Organisations need to provide tools, resources and channels for #Innovation to help employees lean into disruption and harness its power for a successful future. #Trend

Source: Forbes