US military thinks soldiers are ready to control machines with their minds

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), a think tank for the Pentagon, hosted a three day symposium in celebration of its 60th anniversary this week. Highlights from the event included discussion of some of the most astounding projects the agency is currently working on. And of those, one in particular caught our eye: The […] [Read More]

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And the N3 program is everything you hope for in a (not at all) secret military research project.
Take meThe N3 program seeks to build a brain computer interface (BCI) that doesn’t require surgery or any invasive procedures.
DARPA wants something lightweight, durable, and capable of performing in hostile environments.
This graphic shows some of the options we could explore under our new N3 program. #DARPA60 — DARPA (@DARPA) September 6, 2018It appears as though this project has a high likelihood of seeing further development.

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The think tank for the Pentagon seeks to build a Brain Computer Interface (BCI) that doesn’t require surgery or any invasive procedures; a device to be used in “a defense-relevant task that could include human-machine interactions*. #Mankind #Trend

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