Disruptive Innovation EXPLAINED in 10 Crazy Infographics

Disruptive #Innovation EXPLAINED in 10 Crazy Infographics – SEPA Payments news helping corporates navigate payments technology & payments industry trends [Read More]

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This got me thinking about disruptive innovation, a topic i have blogged about in the past, and so i started looking around for some interesting infographics – here’s what i found:1.
Disruptive #Innovation – Clayton ChristensenClayton Christensen was the chap who coined the term “disruptive innovation”, and we start with his explanation first.
Sustaining #Innovation versus Disruptive InnovationThis next LinkedIn article nicely summarises the difference between the 2 types of innovation:3.
An Evolving “Wheel of Disruption”Brian Solis formulated the Wheel of Disruption during 2009-2012, and a second version a couple of years later.
At the heart of the Wheel of Disruption is the Golden Triangle, which indicates 3 disruptive trends: real time, mobile and social media.

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A collection of some interesting infographics about “disruptive innovation”. #Innovation #Trend

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