Plant Wearables and Airdropped Sensors Could Sow Big Data Seeds

Cheaper plant sensors could bring monitoring to individual plants on a massive scale [Read More]

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Photo: KAUSTStretchable plant wearables and smart tags dropped by drones aim to help give farming a big data makeover.
This PlantCopter sensor was inspired by dandelion flower seeds and maple seeds that float through the air like miniature helicopters.
It’s a design that could ideally allow for widespread dispersion of the sensors with minimal effort, whereas the plant wearable for measuring plant growth would still have to be attached by hand.
All this talk of individual plant sensors may seem like small potatoes.
But taken together, such sensors or similar solutions could add up to part of a much larger big data revolution sweeping through agriculture.

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Stretchable Plant #Wearables and #SmartTags, dropped by drones, are aiming to give farming a “big data” makeover. The first field tests will start in 2019. #Agriculture #Innovation #Trend

Source: Ieee Spectrum: Technology, Engineering, And Science News