These Are The Disruptive Technologies That Will Affect Your Industry

These are the technologies that are coming to disrupt your industries. Some don't exist yet but all are plausible. You should be worried…and inspired. [Read More]

Summary… * Machine-Made

Watson's latest work sees a list of technologies with a timeline that is specific to different industries.
If you are in the retail, finance, FMCG, food, transport, energy or health industry, knowing what is coming for you has never been easier.
Watson used science-fiction as the inspiration here and some of the overlaps are indicative of leaps rather than crawls towards success.
The biggest issue around disruption, Watson believes, is that the small print gets missed; "This is all tech push and largely logical.
I think the big idea falling out of this and tech generally (especially AI) is what are we humans for?

Opinion… * Man-Made

Yes, disruption is hard: the change, the intersections, the arguments about what is and is not disruption. This is a guiding list of technologies, with a timeline that is specific to different industries. #Innovation #Trend

Source: Forbes