The world’s first self-driving grocery delivery cars are on roads in San Jose

Self-driving car company AutoX is testing its technology by bringing people their food orders. [Read More]

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If you live in certain neighborhoods in San Jose, California, you can now get some of your groceries delivered by a self-driving car.
Bright green cars from the self-driving startup AutoX –with a backup driver inside–will pull up with your order in the trunk.
“Last mile delivery for grocery and food will be faster and cheaper enabled by self-driving cars,” says Jianxiong Xiao, CEO of AutoX.
“We are focusing on providing a better self-driving car service rather than building a car,” says Xiao.
Customers use an app to place an order as they would with other grocery delivery, and when they’re ready for the food, summon the car.

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In California, you can now get your groceries delivered by a self-driving car (although a backup driver is currently still monitoring the ride). #AutonomousVehicles #Trend

Source: Fast Company