Wireless Charging May Soon Be Possible by Turning on You Ceiling Light

Wi-Charge wants to end smartphone battery anxiety. The company has developed a system of infrared beams that provides power to multiple gadgets in a room, abolishing the rush for a cable and paving the way for new types of products. It could finally mark the end of hunting for a charger and worrying about battery. [Read More]

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Wireless Charging May Soon Be as Simple as Turning on Your Ceiling Light The technology has been shown in public demonstrations.
Wi-Charge wants to end smartphone battery anxiety.
While so-called “wireless charging” pads like the Qi standard found in iPhone and Android devices cut the cable, the device still needs to make contact with a pad to accept a charge.
It’s working with Swiss company Monolicht to integrate its transmitters into light fittings, so the same panels that light up a room can also charge up phones.
The company itself has also created a fake coffee shop, showing how a future cafe could provide smartphone charging for customers.

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You can now use infrared technology to charge your phone without using either a charging cable or having to place it on a charging pad. #WiTricity #Energy #Trend

Source: Inversedotcom