Drone assassins are cheap, deadly and available in your local store

You don't need the military to pull off an attack of the drones. They're capable of incredible destruction and now available to everyone. [Read More]

Summary… * Machine-Made

Is it possible to stop bad actors from using drones in terrorist attacks?
He borrowed a friend's 2-by-2-foot DJI Phantom drone, and accidentally flew it onto the White House lawn.
Most military drones closely resemble planes.
Some military drones can fly autonomously, but can't use their weapons to target and kill without a human in the loop.
Isaac Brekken/Getty ImagesThe Drone HunterIn Caracas, after first noticing the drone in midair, Maduro continued his speech.

Opinion… * Man-Made

Anyone can get their hands on a (toy) drone, and with the wrong additional equipment inflict incredible destruction. It will be an impossible challenge to stop bad actors from using drones in terrorist attacks. #Drones #Trend

Source: Cnet