Beware These 10 Innovation Killers

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Summary… * Machine-Made

by Tom KoulopoulosThese #Innovation Killers are insidious behaviors that you need to get rid of now!
I call them the #Innovation Killers; they stealthily eliminate that vast majority of ideas without so much as trace.
These #Innovation Killers aren’t malicious attempts to kill innovation.
The innovation killers always have armies of well-intentioned corporate citizens behind them, ready to defend their turf and keep innovation at bay, lest it disrupt the status quo.
Ideas need a safe place to take shape and they need resources.

Opinion… * Man-Made

In order to nurture innovation, establishing “a separate Innovation Zone” where new ideas can take root… an environment with a culture that will encourage ideas and ensure that the best ones don’t end up dying quiet deaths. #Innovation #Trend