Microsoft Surface Headphones: Hands-on with Microsoft's new Bose-buster noise-canceling headphones

Developed in secrecy for three years, the #Microsoft Surface Headphones are built to compete with models from Bose and Sony. [Read More]

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The Surface Headphones were designed in-house over three years by a large team of designers and engineers.
The #Microsoft Surface Headphones are what you'd hope for in a premium noise-canceling headphone.
The noise canceling seemed quite effective, but I wasn't able to compare it to the noise canceling from competing models.
As you'd expect, the #Microsoft Surface Headphones are designed to work with Surface laptops, but they also work just fine with other mobile Bluetooth devices, including iOS and Android phones and MacOS.

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#Microsoft joins #Google in the market of Smart Headsets; with noise-canceling headphones that integrate always-on access to a Smart Assistant (#Cortana). I’m sure #Amazon will soon follow this #Trend with #Alexa. #SurfaceHeadphones #EchoHea

Source: Cnet