Facebook tries its hand at hardware with Portal

#Portal is not #Facebook’s Echo Show. Call it a case of convergent evolution, wherein two companies arrived at similar looking products after approaching hardware from different angles. The problem #Facebook sought to solve is one of face to face communication. It’s an attempt to remove the device from the act of video chatting. That #Facebook, […] [Read More]

Summary… * Machine-Made

#Facebook tries its hand at hardware with #Portal The teleconferencing device comes in 10 and 15 inch modelsPortal is not #Facebook’s Echo Show.
That #Facebook, Amazon and Google’s smart display partners all ended up at a similar place is no coincidence, of course.
There’s the standard #Portal, which looks quite a bit like Lenovo’s recently released Google Assistant Smart Display, and the more compelling #Portal Plus.
The latter, of course, was much closer to the truth (a least for now), though in some ways, #Portal and #Portal Plus are their own beasts entirely.
The device is clearly something of a loss leader for #Facebook as the company explores hardware as an avenue for further engaging users.

Opinion… * Man-Made

#Facebook launches “#Portal” a speaker, that is not smart, with a display. How is that for a #Trend; a dedicated conference calling device with #AR filters? I’m not convinced, this seems a step back, and not innovative at all.

Source: Techcrunch