America's first robot farm replaces humans with 'incredibly intelligent' machines | US news

Iron Ox, based in California, aims to improve labor shortages and pressure to produce crops by using #AI and heavy machinery [Read More]

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Facebook Twitter Pinterest Iron Ox plans to begin selling its produce to some Bay Area restaurants and grocery stores later this year.
It took the Iron Ox team years to develop this level of precision and consistency, according to Alexander.
It also distinguishes the robot from other autonomous machines such as wheat combines, which require no delicacy in harvesting their crops.
“Each robot knows how to do a job, but they don’t know when they should do a task,” said Alexander.
Facebook Twitter Pinterest Iron Ox cofounders Brandon Alexander and Jon Binney.

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America’s first autonomous robot farm launched last week, in the hopes that Artificial Intelligence (#AI) can remake an industry facing a serious labor shortage and pressure to produce more crops. #Mankind #Agriculture #Trend

Source: The Guardian