Artificial Intelligence In Enterprises

Most companies and businesses are in the #AI battle zone, and merely resting on some technology platform is not enough. Firms will have to push harder to move to disruptive #AI platforms and adopt disruptive processes to achieve success at scale. [Read More]

Summary… * Machine-Made

One such CxO I worked for had also gone back to learning machine learning and eventually ended up addressing his whole global organization to adopt machine learning.
Deep Learning Hill Climbing – Do it together with your co-workersOk, enough lecture about what you need to do.
The last two are key in making machine learning systems being developed and served into your production environments.
And this illustration is just looking at how you can do a full stack data driven project in machine learning or deep learning.
Important note: We will soon be releasing a notebook that will be of great educational value for both enterprises as well as deep learning, machine learning engineers.

Opinion… * Man-Made

The Artificial Intelligence transformation program at #Caterpillar is converting the company mentality from “Dumb Sales” to “Contextualized, Data-Driven and Machine Learning-Driven Sales”. #AI #Transformation #Data #DataDriven #LearningDriven #Trend

Source: Forbes