What is Voice Search and Why it's The Future

Why will #Voice search be the future? Here are 5 compelling reasons why we think it will be. [Read More]

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From automated voice recognition phone system to simplified voice to text dictaphones, voice technology was adopted in different forms all across the globe.
#Voice search allows a user to depend on vocal commands and voice-search enabled digital assistants to handle search queries in real-time.
Why will voice search be the future?
Simple to useWith voice search and geolocation, people can get an answer to their queries with an immediacy, convenience, and intimacy that text-only search could never provide.
At par with human accuracyThe performance of voice search enabled devices work best if the error rate of its voice recognition software is low and closest to human voices.

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Why is “Voice Search” the future? Simplicity, rising Technology Maturity, quick User Adoption, continious expansion of (a very diversified) Search Skill Set and a growing International Presence. #Voice #AI #Trend

Source: Chatamo