Do androids dream of electric beats? How AI is changing music for good | Music

Breakthroughs in artificial intelligence make music composition easier than ever – because a machine is doing half the work. Could computers soon go it alone? [Read More]

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But #AI is increasingly being asked to compose music itself – and this is the problem confronting many more computer scientists besides Dadabots.
The next step for synthetic beings like these is to create music on their own – that is, if they can get the software to shut up about Jesus.
“Most musicians, academic or composers, have always held this idea that the creation of music is innately human,” Californian music professor David Cope explains.
Southern’s DIY model foretells a future of musicians making music with #AI on their personal computers.
Patrick Stobbs, co-founder of #AI music composer Jukedeck, recently mentioned that the program would move from tweaking music to actually synthesising it.

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Breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence are making music composition easier than ever; simply because the machine is doing half of the work. #AI #Music #Trend

Source: The Guardian