Should you build or buy AI?

If your company plans to use #AI, use this decision tree to determine whether it makes more sense to build or buy. [Read More]

Summary… * Machine-Made

At VentureBeat’s recent VB Summit event, I headed a session on whether enterprises should build or buy #AI.
Here it is:As you can see, at the top of the tree is the question “Do you even need #AI?” I believe #AI can positively impact any and all businesses, so the correct answer should always be yes.
The next question to ask is if #AI is in your company’s DNA.
If your company is #AI at its very core and not an application of #AI, then you should definitely build.
In this scenario, your only differentiator would be the #AI, and if you are buying from somewhere else (where others can also buy from), then by definition that cannot be a differentiator.

Opinion… * Man-Made

Lessons from the field… “buy” Artificial Intelligence solutions (instead of trying to “build” them), and “decentralise” AI-enabled people in the organisation (instead of “centralising”) them. #AI #Trend

Source: Venturebeat