Amazon just opened Alexa to all Bluetooth headphone makers

#Amazon announced that it’s made its #Alexa Mobile Accessory Kit tool widely available to developers. First introduced back in January of this year, the software development kit was designed as a way to bring #Alexa to Bluetooth headphones, headsets, and wearables. [Read More]

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#Amazon’s #Alexa voice assistant is about to expand to a new class of devices, especially hands-free listening and communications.
#Alexa is coming for the Bluetooth marketEffectively, it allows devices to communicate with a phone’s #Alexa app without requiring the device makers to build an app or #Alexa skill of their own to help this happen.
“For device makers, there is no need to develop and maintain a custom #Alexa app.
By leveraging the #Amazon #Alexa App that is readily available for Android and iOS, device makers accelerate product development, software integration, and testing time, while reducing product support costs,” explains Alfred Woo, a principal product manager for #Alexa Voice Services.
But with CES 2019 right around the corner, it’s likely quite a few new Bluetooth devices will promise #Alexa support down the line.

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#Amazon is making #Alexa an adept Voice Assistant for hands-free devices; so you can access the assistant while exercising, doing some type of outdoor activity, or just day-to-day when you may have your hands full. #AI #SmartSpeaker #Trend

Source: The Verge