Ultrasound makes Qualcomm's new in-display fingerprint sensor super-secure

#Qualcomm is being coy and not telling us everything about its new Snapdragon 855 chipset yet, but it did dig into its new ultrasonic fingerprint sensor a bit. W… [Read More]

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In-display fingerprint sensors aren't strictly speaking new: Vivo launched the world's first phone with one in early 2018, and OnePlus recently brought a similar technology to the United States in its new 6T flagship.
Most of the in-screen sensors we've seen shine light on the underside of your finger and visually check your fingerprint against a pattern it stored previously.
And beyond that, it's at least theoretically possible to spoof that sensor with an image of the correct fingerprint.
Because it doesn't rely on visual data, #Qualcomm's sensor should be much better at recognizing your fingerprints even if they're slathered in post-lunch schmutz.
Those milliseconds matter, and hopefully, we'll get a better sense of how well #Qualcomm's ultrasonic sensor works before we have to leave Hawaii.

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#Qualcomm‘s new in-display sonic fingerprint sensor uses sound waves to build a super-secure three-dimensional mold of your finger. #Security #Biometric #Trend

Source: Engadget