Here's The One Thing That Makes Artificial Intelligence So Creepy For Most People

Find out what was one of the biggest narratives of concern to come out of a power-packed Artificial Intelligence Summit [Read More]

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Indeed, what does owning responsibility of #AI mean, look like and where does that buck actually stop?
To further complicate matters, the question of how to attract a diversity of employees to enter the #AI space is that which noted as a challenge.
"The question becomes, 'how do you even ask these ethical questions?'
So Mason says that Cloudera is creating tools so that there is at least a framework for which ethical questions to ask so that businesses have something to which to refer.
You can’t be less bias if you don’t know about subconscious bias, bias plays a part in the development, so understanding about the presence of such elements needs to be at the forefront of conversations and is not, yet, for the most part."

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The intersection of technology with ethics, culture & integrity. How can technology identify individuals when their faces are hidden from cameras? Simple. Use an #AI model that recognizes people by their body shape and how they walk. #Scary #Orwell #Trend

Source: Forbes