Walmart is reportedly testing a burger-flipping robot as the company doubles down on automation

#Walmart is testing a burger-flipping robot called Flippy in its headquarters. [Read More]

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#Walmart is testing a burger-flipping robot.
Flippy, a robot developed by Miso Robotics to act as a kitchen assistant, is now being tested in #Walmart's Bentonville, Arkansas, headquarters, Yahoo Finance reports.
While Flippy is only being tested at #Walmart's headquarters now, the robot could begin taking over some repetitive tasks in #Walmart delis' kitchens if the test goes well.
The Flippy test comes at a time when #Walmart is increasingly using robots to complete tasks traditionally done by human workers.
Burger chain CaliBurger plans to install the burger-flipping robot at most of its roughly 50 locations by the end of 2019, the company said earlier this year.

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#Walmart is making major investments in #automation; using #Robots to fry food in their stores’ delis, rolling out a floor-scrubbing #Robots at dozens of locations, and testing automated carts that can pick and pack shoppers’ orders. #Innovation #Trend

Source: Business Insider