Why DNA tourism may be the big travel trend of 2019

A family tree used to take years of painstaking research. But with the advent of DNA testing, more people are discovering their roots and the travel industry is taking notice. [Read More]

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Had we known, or been able to plan better, the visit could have been longer, allowed us to engage more.
Armed with a new understanding of who they are and where they come from, people are flocking to their family's homelands in such droves that this DNA travel, so to speak, landed on Lonely Planet's list of Top #Travel Trends for 2019.
“As long as there's been travel there's been an appetite for visiting where our ancestors are from.
How DNA tours workSo what exactly is a DNA tour?
And this time we were able to have a true family visit, complete with polishing off a bottle of slivovitz made of their own fruit in their community's shared distillery.

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The big travel trend for 2019: “DNA tourism”. The quest to find and visit your family roots, based on DNA results. #Travel #Tourism #Trend

Source: Nbc News