Need some milk? Driverless cars start delivering groceries

The nation's largest grocery chain stepped into the driverless delivery market Tuesday, bringing milk, eggs and other items to a customer's home in a vehicle with nobody at the wheel. Although limited to delivering within about a mile (1.5 kilometers) of one Arizona supermarket owned by Kroger Co., it represents the latest step for industries trying to lower delivery costs of everyday items and those trying to launch self-driving cars on public roads. [Read More]

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The fully autonomous vehicle is set begin piloting public roads Tuesday with no back up driver, though it will be monitored by humans in another automobile.
She was already receiving groceries weekly from larger, manned self-driving vehicles that the company Nuro developed and launched in August.
Nuro will be adding two of its completely unmanned R1 vehicles to its fleet of manned self-driving vehicles that deliver groceries, said Dave Ferguson, president and co-founder of Nuro.
Giannonatti of Kroger said safety is paramount in this next step of autonomous vehicle technology.
“But ultimately,” he says, “there are so many challenges with autonomous vehicles” to make it a reality nationwide.

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The driverless delivery market is starting up; bringing milk, eggs and other items to a customer’s home in a vehicle with nobody at the wheel. #AutomomousVehicles #Trend

Source: Ap News