Amazon breaks holiday sales record again, aided by Alexa voice purchases

#Amazon had its best ever holiday season this year, helped in part by an uptick in users ordering via its #Alexa voice assistant. [Read More]

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In a press release Wednesday, the e-commerce giant announced its strongest holiday season in the company's history.
According to #Amazon, more items were ordered from the company during this year’s holiday shopping season than ever before.
#Amazon said in the U.S., more than one billion items were shipped by the company for free through its #Amazon Prime service.
The final Prime Now delivery before December 25 was on Christmas Eve at 11:30pm in Berkeley, Calif.#Amazon’s holiday shopping announcement is filled with other interesting facts about new retail trends.
#Amazon also announced that millions of #Alexa-powered #Amazon devices, like the Echo Dot, were sold this year.

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#Amazon breaks the holiday sales record again, but with one surprising statistic… the use of Amazon’s voice assistant #Alexa more than tripled for shopping compared to last year. #SmartSpeaker #Trend

Source: Mashable