Scientists use AI to reconstruct brain activity into speech

While still in the early stages, this breakthrough could help those suffering from diseases like ALS to speak again. [Read More]

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Researchers from three teams used data obtained from brain tumor removal surgeries or through electrodes planted on epilepsy patients' brains to pinpoint the origin of seizures, and trained an #AI to interpret the brain activity data into speech, reports Science Magazine.
Accuracy of the reconstructed speech ranged from 40 to 80 percent accuracy and understandability.
However, none of the researchers have yet managed to figure out how to understand imagined speech — that is, the brain signals when a person silently speaks or hears a voice in their head.
One approach scientists could be considering is to meet in the middle, by having the subject listen to the computer-generated speech and adjusting their thoughts to get the desired results.
Meanwhile the neural network could also be trained to understand how the subject thinks.

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In the near future, we will be able to interface with machines using only our thoughts. The computer will be able to understand us, and could even speak out loud for us. #BrainInterface #AI #Trend

Source: Cnet