Google Assistant adds interpreter mode as war with Amazon Alexa heats up

At CES, the search giant is getting even more ambitious with its digital helper software. [Read More]

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#Google Assistant.
It's the latest trick for #Google Assistant, the search giant's digital helper software that's akin to Amazon's Alexa and Apple's Siri.
The feature will be available first in smart displays with the #Google Assistant built in.
Potentially profoundThe biggest challenge for #Google's Assistant may be getting everyone to stop comparing it to Amazon's Alexa.
The point of Duplex is to enable the #Google Assistant to make restaurant reservations and hair appointments for you.

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#Google unveiled the Assistant’s Interpreter mode at #CES19 , which aims to serve as a go-between for people who don’t speak the same language. #AI #SmartSpeaker #Trend

Source: Cnet