Deriving greater benefit from IoT with ambient computing

Ambient computing combined with IoT, explains Aricent's Ben Pietrabella, will play a key role in an organization's digital transformation, optimizing efficiency and improving customer satisfaction. [Read More]

Summary… * Machine-Made

Over time, these systems have evolved from creating automated workflows by opening communications paths and integrating different data systems.
It’s likely that, with the widespread adoption of #Alexa Echo, Google Home or #Apple’s #HomePod, most of us already have a primitive form of ambient computing in our homes.
Integrating this data — and the intelligence its analysis provides — with business processes is key to the successful implementation of IoT systems.
Appreciating value To enable IoT, ambient computing requires available access to all relevant data, but it is also necessary to translate this data into a form that can be understood across all systems.
To visualize the potential of ambient computing, and create these next-generation scenarios, they must broaden their gaze to consider what can be achieved across different verticals and their associated systems.

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Machine Learning, combined with Workflows, will soon make decisions for users based on profiles and interests. Using #Amazon #Alexa, #GoogleHome or #Apple’s #HomePod, most of us already have a primitive form of this #AmbientComputing in our homes. #Trend