Dutch team unveils sleek solar-powered bike

A Dutch startup has teamed up with a group of engineering students to develop a prototype for a new electric bike that charges itself using solar [Read More]

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The first solar bikes came onto the market in the late 1980’s, but they had a bulky trailer to carry solar panels.
All the power this new model needs comes from solar panels covering the front wheel, and from the rider’s pedaling.
But for now it’s just a prototype, and it’s expected to cost around 2,500 euros when it’s released in 2018.
Cycling has historically been very popular in the Netherlands, where a quarter of all travel is done by bike.
Among them is a bike path that generates power through solar cells embedded in the concrete.

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A bike that is capable of recharging itself during daytime, or when you are cycling. #Transportation #Trend

Source: Euronews