What is CRISPR? A Beginner's Guide

#CRISPR is an advanced gene splicing method that could revolutionize medicine – and everything else. [Read More]

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Here’s a quick FAQ on the science behind #CRISPR and why the world is paying such close attention.
#CRISPR refers to unusual DNA sequences that help protect organisms by identifying threats – especially viruses – and attacking them.
Yes, that sounds a little ridiculous, but it’s actually a very accurate description when looking at the DNA sequences themselves.
It wasn’t until the early 2010s, however, that researchers began to get especially passionate about the potential behind #CRISPR.
The #CRISPR sequences steal key strands of DNA from the virus and keep them in those little Morse code messages.

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This is how the game-changing genetic engineering technique that’s changing the world works: #CRISPR. #Mankind #Innovation #Trend

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