How An AR Startup Is Changing The Way We See Restaurant Menus

For the last couple of years, the Kabaq team has been perfecting a proprietary process for creating hyper-realistic, 3D culinary models for restaurant menus. [Read More]

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A New York City-based startup is changing the way we see and order #food, from fast-#food joints to wedding banquets.
Co-founder Alper Guler says the idea for the product sprouted while dining with friends at a Turkish restaurant.
His companions were not familiar with the menu items and were having trouble visualizing the dishes.
“When we first started Kabaq, companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google and Snapchat had been investing heavily in developing augmented reality (#AR) platforms” says Guler.
“We see high-growth business with a product that is unique, proprietary, and necessary for brands as they build their #AR content portfolio.”

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Kabaq, a start-up trying to perfect a process to create hyper-realistic #food models (using Augmented Reality), fills a large gap in the emerging market by providing true-to-life presentation and dynamic culinary storytelling. #AR #Trend

Source: Forbes