Limitless clean energy ‘could be here by 2030’ and solve the climate crisis

Last summer, the interior of a doughnut-shaped object in a building in Culham in Oxfordshire blazed up to 15 million degrees Celsius – as hot as the core of the… [Read More]

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The company behind the ‘nuclear fusion’ breakthrough believes that it could be supplying energy to the grid by 2030 – and one day, some advocates belive it could be the key to generating limitless clean energy.
Could nuclear fusion offer an answer?
(Getty)A fusion reactor works in the opposite way, harvesting the energy released when two smaller atoms join together, releasing tiny, fast-moving particles smaller than atoms.
Chris Russell, Managing Director of British renewable electricity supplier Tonik #Energy said, ‘Nuclear fusion has long been held up as a the future of energy despite the significant scientific and engineering barriers that must be overcome.
Could nuclear fusion offer an answer?

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Can Nuclear #Fusion eventually sit alongside other proven, sustainable and distributed technologies such as wind and solar in delivering a world powered by carbon neutral, clean technology. #Energy #Nature #Trend

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