Imagine if Alexa had no gender — researchers have created a voice that is neither male nor female

#Q is a deceptively simple solution to the problem of female-first virtual assistants. [Read More]

Summary… * Machine-Made

#Q checks a lot of the boxes that tech companies frequently call upon to justify their own gendered virtual assistants: warmth, helpfulness, a sense of authority.
Virtue and Copenhagen Pride have high ambitions to embed the virtual assistant in everything from personal tech to public transit.
This is about giving people choices and options," Thomas Rasmussen, head of communication for Copenhagen Pride said in a statement announcing #Q.
There's no #AI framework underpinning the assistant, which means #Q can't actually understand and address your requests yet.
Meanwhile Siri, Alexa, Cortana and Google Assistant can't seem to break out of the female-first image they were made in.

Opinion… * Man-Made

Meet #Q, the first genderless artificial virtual assistant. A voice that sounds neither male nor female, or seems to fluctuate between the two depending on how intensely you’re listening for a gendered bent. #AI #VPA #Voice #Trend

Source: Cnbc