Kuo: Apple to start manufacturing AR headset in Q4 2019

#Apple talks about augmented reality at any opportunity it gets, but so far its fierce ambition has only materialized to consumers as ARKit apps on the iPhone and iPad. It has been widely reported t… [Read More]

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It has been widely reported that #Apple is developing an #AR glasses / headset product.
Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free TrialKuo says that #Apple’s first-generation of #AR glasses will be heavily dependent on the iPhone.
At the time, a 2020 launch was reportedly set as an aggressive internal target.
The jury is still out on how compelling and useful #AR glasses can be.
If manufacturing is indeed ramping up at the end of 2019, a 2020 public product launch is seemingly on the cards.

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Will #Apple’s first augmented reality product go into mass production as soon as the 4th quarter of this year? And will the mass-produced version be release to the market in the 2nd quarter of 2020? #AR #Trend

Source: 9To5Mac