One Potential Future of Voice Advertising?

We were asked to imagine one potential future for #Advertising in a VoiceCentric world could look like. We offer you….SynthVerts. #Voice is going to change the way advertising is fundamentally delivered, by allowing synthetic representations of brands and personalities to interact with consumers on demand and at scale. These are not humans, they were created […] [Read More]

Summary… * Machine-Made

This new permissible form of SynthVerts will create a brand new dynamic for advertisers while increasing the value of celebrities personal brands through their most powerful intellectual property, their voice.
This allows him, with permission to trigger voice actions on the user’s behalf “Would, you like me to arrange a sample?” OK, “Alexa, ask Beckham’s Footwear to hook my buddy here up”As CloudGPU power increases expect fully realistic video representations of celebrities to go along with the voice.
But a face without a realistic voice is just a mask worn by an imposter, the real challenge is in creating the most realistic SynthDouble’s possible that beat the uncanny valley in both voice and visual presentations.
Adverts that truly respond to each consumer, intelligently with SynthDoubles that can be composited within the advertising space on the fly & based on the needs of the product and the consumer.
We are moving beyond the days of linear, static advertising to a world that is fully connected with synthetic doubles of well-known celebrities & brands ‘Personafied’, creating a personal connection and bridging the air gap with their own unique voice.

Opinion… * Man-Made

We are moving beyond the days of linear, static advertising to a world with digital twins of well-known celebrities that use their own unique voice to create a personal experience. #Voice #Advertising #Trend

Source: Get Voice Agency