Lab-grown meat: Taste-testing chicken of the future

Where’s the beef? Actually, it’s a chicken nugget. [Read More]

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Now playing: Watch this: Trying a lab-grown chicken nuggetUnlike entirely plant-based products such as the Impossible Burger, the Just chicken nugget is actual meat.
Cultured meat, also called lab-grown or clean meat, starts with the collection of cells, usually done through a biopsy so the animals aren't harmed.
But one study questions how environmentally friendly clean meat products could be if the process is energy-intensive.
Several other companies are also developing clean meat derived from animal cells, like Memphis Meats (chicken and duck) and SuperMeat (also chicken).
If you're hankering to try your own cultured chicken nugget, you'll have to hold tight a little longer.

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The “cultured meat”, also called “lab-grown meat” or “clean meat”, is (almost) here… and it’s surprising at how similar the cultured chicken itself tasted compared to the real deal. #Food #Mankind #Trend

Source: Cnet