Advertising Enters the Next Dimension – Tom Emrich

25 years ago, AT&T bought the first-ever banner ad on the web as part of its “You Will” campaign which fittingly featured commercials depicting an internet-enabled future. This 2D rectangle changed… [Read More]

Summary… * Machine-Made

AT&T HotWired ad — 1994 (Atlantic)Today brands and marketers are facing another transformation as advertising enters the next dimension through spatial computing.
In this way, both AR and VR are evolving traditional advertising methods such as OOH (out of home) and product placement, making them just as measurable and effective (if not more) as digital advertising.
A good example of this in virtual reality can be seen in a recent campaign by The Coca-Cola Company on the Advrty platform.
MeetinVR is an online meeting and collaboration solution which allows users to meet in the same virtual reality space.
As all users in this space are avatars, virtual customer support staff could be branded.

Opinion… * Man-Made

The spatial (or ambient) computing wave is upon us and like the web banner it is set to completely disrupt how brands and marketers reach, convert and understand consumers. #AmbientComputing #Marketing #Trend

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