Why 'Ambient Computing' Is Just A Marketing Buzzword — For Now

An anonymous reader quotes Computerworld columnist Mike Elgan:
Ambient computing is real. It's the next megatrend in computing…. To interact in an "ambient computing" context means to not care and not even necessarily know where exactly the devices are that you're interacting with. When IoT devi… [Read More]

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An anonymous reader quotes Computerworld columnist Mike Elgan:The article predicts we'll eventually see ambient computing arriving in cars, grocery stores , smart glasses — and notes a Microsoft job listing for its "Ambient Computing & Robotics team" describing "the era where computer vision, AI-based cognition, and autonomous electro-mechanicals pervade the workplace.
"Computerworldd adds that Microsoft "was mocked for its 'Clippy' assistant, which the company released in 1996 as a way to provide friendly help for people using Microsoft Office.
In the future, Microsoft may release what will essentially be a Clippy that works, because it will understand human context through AI."

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Ambient Computing is the next big thin, but for now… the term will be misapplied. It’s a buzzword that will be stapled to every semi-ambient computing product and service that comes out over the next few years. #Trend #AmbientComputing

Source: Slashdot